New Consumer Email Templates

Updates designed to help merchants retain and extend consumer memberships

Our new consumer email templates are now available to our merchants within the CCBill Admin Portal. The new templates feature a receipt-like format to help drive consumer trust and enhance the consumer experience.

“When we examined how our merchant’s consumers were receiving information and details about their purchases from our default templates, a couple of things became evident,” said Jeff Adams, director of consumer services for CCBill. “One, we didn’t want to overwhelm them with information that may not be applicable. And two, we had to present the relevant information for that consumer in a way that was easily understandable at first glance. These new templates are built with those guidelines in mind.”

The emails feature a self-contained column that displays line-itemed details about the particular order. The information in this area includes:
  • The website the purchase pertains to
  • The purchaser’s name
  • The purchaser’s email address
  • The purchase amount
  • A description of the order
  • If there is any username or password associated with the order, it can also be listed.

Complementing this detail, the main body of the email includes some basic information about the order, how the consumer will see as the payment processor, and contact information for CCBill support.

Additionally, the new email templates are designed to display properly on today’s wide variety of smart phone, tablet, and desktop devices to support mobile and in-home consumers across the globe.    
The new email templates are set as the default options for merchants within the CCBill Admin Portal. If a merchant is already using customized emails, these new templates will not override them. 

For more information or to ask any questions about the new email templates, contact CCBill Support at or 800.510.2859.

Merchant Connect Helps Flirt4Free Drive Steady Growth, Add Affiliates

By using Merchant Connect, one of our latest features, leading cam site provider Flirt4Free is experiencing a steady addition of affiliates and integrations.

What is Merchant Connect?

Merchant Connect is a new way for consumers to make purchases from different merchants without re-entering payment information. With this feature, the consumer experience is eased and merchants are able to increase traffic and revenue for themselves and their affiliates. The Merchant Connect network connects merchants with other merchants for cross-sales, up-sales, upgrades, add-ons and most other partner-driven sales. 

As a Merchant Connect participant, Flirt4Free has been able to grow its own business by adding more programs and sites each month.

“We wanted a solution that would be easy to install and one that would provide a frictionless and secure experience for the end-user,” said Jeff Wilson, affiliate department manager for Flirt4Free. “Due to the Merchant Connect portal’s one-click functionalities for cross-sales, we have been able to on-board several new affiliates that demanded a frictionless payment experience. Once integrated, they were pleased with the results.”

Merchant Connect is available from within the CCBill Admin Portal for any CCBill merchant. Flirt4Free is a key participant in Merchant Connect, offering an advanced program other merchants can join.

“It fits nicely with both our strategy to provide quality customer experiences and our efforts to build thoughtful and effective integrations with affiliates to maximize revenues,” added Wilson.

Heading to iDate?

On September 8, 2014 iDate will be hosting an event in Köln, Germany. This will be a great time for us to connect and hear more about your business needs in person.

Our latest pricing models, billing features and tools are exciting ones, and we are confident that they can help your business grow. We will be at the show ready to discuss our Dating and Direct programs. 
  • With CCBill for Dating, you are able to seamlessly increase your bottom-line, while being able to increase subscriptions with one-click upgrades, and offer members free and paid trials.
  • With CCBill Direct's debit options you are able to expand your consumer reach. Add a network of millions of consumers over your existing credit card options with simple integration and streamlined review. 
  • Both packages offer you automated recurring billing and notifications, while expanding your global reach. International currencies and languages reach global users on their local level for a friendly experience. Additionally, both offer complete API options and notifications, automated recurring billing, retention and loyalty tools, as well as 24/7 multi-language billing and login support.
By reaching out to us via email or calling us at either 855-4-CCBILL or your international number (found here) to setup a time to meet, we can better discuss your evolving needs and how we can best tailor your payment processing solution, in order to achieve your goals!

Use FlexForms and Win Big!

FlexForms is now in open beta and with its multiple inherent features, if you are not using it already, you will want to start. This groundbreaking new foundation for actively taking payments online is a self-service interface that empowers the merchant’s business, while simplifying the purchase process for the buyer. FlexForms is not a refresh of legacy CCBill forms, but a completely new system that includes several powerful and easy-to-use tools for managing the payments portion of online business.

Responsive, auto-sensing forms deliver language, currencies and payment options depending on a series of buyer identifiers, and are designed to serve any device and browser. FlexForms also changes the way people manage their forms by offering instant customization and automated testing functions to enable easy and fast form publishing.

And now there is no need to set up multiple forms to accommodate different methods of consumer payments. 

Use just one link for credit card, debit cards, online checks, EU Debit/SEPA, and DirectPayEU payment methods. We include all your accepted payment options on one form. This inclusive approach applies to currencies and languages, as well. The preferred currency of your buyers is automatically displayed from the same payment link based on their location and browser settings. And with more available display languages for the global market, you can be sure you are speaking to those consumers in their preferred language.

Contest! Setup a FlexForms payment link and add it to you website. Then post your website URL to you social media pages (Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr), and tag it with #chooseccbill to enter to win up to $100 in purchases or subscription payments from us. One winner will be randomly selected each week. Note: do not post to Facebook, if your site has adult content. Click here for details.

To learn more about the new FlexForms system, check out our webpage or contact our 24/7 Support Team at 


The United States will honor Labor Day with a holiday on September 1, 2014. U.S.-based financial institutions and the U.S. Postal Service observe this holiday and therefore will be closed. This will not affect FedEx deliveries; however, all wires and U.S. postal mailings will be delayed by one day.

All efforts will be made on our part to ensure timely Tuesday distributions, but please note that we rely on the precision and speed of our business partners (banks, post office, etc.) as well. Typically, on weeks that include a holiday, most payments and activities tend to take at least one additional day.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

CCBill Management

Billing Blindspots - Start Now

We get bombarded daily with messages to switch insurance companies, buy a new car, change processors, use this new feature, refinance your home, use that new tool, enroll in this new program – it is an endless onslaught of good ideas and options. But we endure a daily blitz nonetheless.

While most of us see the value of many of these offers, we often stall on taking action. Our intentions and goals are solid, but getting started can frequently be daunting.  But what really stops us from taking on that new opportunity is often simply not knowing how to get started. If we do not understand the level of time and commitment needed to implement a new feature or new sales tool, we tend to avoid starting at all.

So, in practice, taking a few of minutes to understand, along with having a resource to guide you, can be the difference between procrastination and success.

  • Stop and Assess – a good first step is to take a look at what you have currently. CCBill has a built-in Feature Summary Snapshot accessible by any merchant, to get an all-encompassing look at what features are active and which are not. 
  • Step Back and Evaluate - Reporting metrics can show you the way. Understanding your current audience, how they buy, where they buy, and for how long, can all help you determine what steps you need to take  - and where you need to take them. CCBill’s reporting system has hundreds of diverse reports to review virtually every angle of the checkout process and your buyer.
  • Sit Down and Discuss -  With the ever-changing market and new features in development daily, it is hard to keep up on new opportunities to help you sell more.  So, pick up the phone and call your e-commerce partner. Share your goals and ideas with your processor and learn about the menu of choices available to help you reach those objectives.
  • Move Ahead and Leverage the Expertise – Your e-commerce and payments provider generally  have the latest updates and can see the market changes first hand. Plus they are the experts on their own system – so leverage their capability. CCBill has a dedicated team of project managers to assist and examine your account and can suggest new ways to use the system to drive sales.
Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is an e-commerce platform inclusive of the tools AND people who can help you get on target with planning your next steps. By leveraging CCBill’s longtime library of features and knowledge, you can leave behind the guilt for not starting and get on track toward new and better business.

Contact our 24/7 Merchant Support Team for help getting started with any of our variety of reports and data tools at


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