Billing Blindspots - Start Now

We get bombarded daily with messages to switch insurance companies, buy a new car, change processors, use this new feature, refinance your home, use that new tool, enroll in this new program – it is an endless onslaught of good ideas and options. But we endure a daily blitz nonetheless.

While most of us see the value of many of these offers, we often stall on taking action. Our intentions and goals are solid, but getting started can frequently be daunting.  But what really stops us from taking on that new opportunity is often simply not knowing how to get started. If we do not understand the level of time and commitment needed to implement a new feature or new sales tool, we tend to avoid starting at all.

So, in practice, taking a few of minutes to understand, along with having a resource to guide you, can be the difference between procrastination and success.

  • Stop and Assess – a good first step is to take a look at what you have currently. CCBill has a built-in Feature Summary Snapshot accessible by any merchant, to get an all-encompassing look at what features are active and which are not. 
  • Step Back and Evaluate - Reporting metrics can show you the way. Understanding your current audience, how they buy, where they buy, and for how long, can all help you determine what steps you need to take  - and where you need to take them. CCBill’s reporting system has hundreds of diverse reports to review virtually every angle of the checkout process and your buyer.
  • Sit Down and Discuss -  With the ever-changing market and new features in development daily, it is hard to keep up on new opportunities to help you sell more.  So, pick up the phone and call your e-commerce partner. Share your goals and ideas with your processor and learn about the menu of choices available to help you reach those objectives.
  • Move Ahead and Leverage the Expertise – Your e-commerce and payments provider generally  have the latest updates and can see the market changes first hand. Plus they are the experts on their own system – so leverage their capability. CCBill has a dedicated team of project managers to assist and examine your account and can suggest new ways to use the system to drive sales.
Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is an e-commerce platform inclusive of the tools AND people who can help you get on target with planning your next steps. By leveraging CCBill’s longtime library of features and knowledge, you can leave behind the guilt for not starting and get on track toward new and better business.

Contact our 24/7 Merchant Support Team for help getting started with any of our variety of reports and data tools at


Did you find the name on your statement?
If you have a transaction on your billing statement that refers to, you purchased a
subscription, item or service from a website
which uses CCBill to handle their payment processing online.

When you choose CCBill for your payment, we promise to:
Keep Your Personal Information Private and Secure
Provide the Highest Level of Payment Security
Help You Resolve Any Billing or Membership Questions Easily
Provide Easy Access Billing Support for Payment and Membership Questions
Display Your Purchase Discreetly on Your Statement

Providing online purchase support for the hottest sites on the web since 1998, choosing CCBill for your purchase
ensures the highest levels of payment security and complete discretion with every purchase.
When you see the CCBill logo, you can trust that your personal info and credit card details are
safe and private, and round-the-clock support is just a click away.

Choose Private. Choose CCBill.



On August 14, 2014 between 12:00 am and 4:00 am Mountain Standard Time, we will be conducting maintenance on our phone system. There may be times where incoming calls will not be available during this maintenance.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
CCBill Management

Dear Merchants, will you be at Qwebec?

Dear Valued Merchants:

CCBill is hitting the road again. 

Our next stop is the Qwebec Expo being held August 14 - 17, and we hope to see you there. We are always excited to be able to meet our merchants, peers and friends at trade shows around the globe. 

We will be there to discuss the many ways we have been adapting to the changing markets, as well as our Merchant Connect - a new way for consumers to make purchases from different merchants without re-entering payment information. With this feature, the consumer experience is eased and merchants are able to increase traffic and revenue for themselves and their affiliates. Designed to simplify and secure the purchase process while increasing revenue, Merchant Connect includes support for cross-sales, up-sales, upgrades, add-ons and partners. This marketplace empowers your business to reach new markets and consumers with flexibility and innovation. 

Bottom-line: by reaching out to us via email or calling us at 855-4-CCBILL to setup a time to meet, you will learn how CCBill can help your business grow and advance to the next level. Let's do business!

Your Friends at CCBill

Billing Blindspots - Promote Your Brand

Each touch point on your site - including your joining process - hints to your consumers what kind of product they are about to buy. Consistent branding, custom payment pages, branded receipts —even custom confirmation pages — provide power to your brand and comfort to buyers. Studies show that people need to hear a name THREE TIMES before they remember it.

How are you getting them to hear your offer through all the e-noise?

CCBill has a large menu of unique tools and features included to help you drive recognition:
  • Marketing Lists – download your member lists, past and present, for external campaigns and follow-up. SPAM them with love.
  • Membership Details – use membership details to understand your market. Many of our clients track their membership locale and usage to help decide where to advertise locally. In our unique market, print ads do work!
  • Affiliate Reports – in a world of thousands of programs and millions of CCBill affiliates, let them know who you are. Your affiliates are people too.
  • Branded Email Receipts – email is an easy impression. Is your logo in their Inbox?
  • Branded Exit and Timed Pop-Ups – if consumers are on the site and not choosing to buy – they are choosing not to buy, yes? Exit pop-ups can reinforce a brand, provide an alternate offer or promote additional sites under your program, which may get their attention. And you can time them to pop-up whenever you want – in case the surfer has been lingering a little too long without buying.
  • Branded Payment Pages – it’s hard enough to get consumers to pay, so make sure that they know that your brand is trusting the best to take their payment. Co-branded payment pages with CCBill and your logo provide a seamless and trusted transaction process for your members.

More than just a processor, CCBill is an e-commerce platform. We have a menu of marketing and branding tools to help promote your trademark and boost recognition, ultimately driving more sales. By leveraging CCBill’s distinctive marketing tools, you can spread the word to potential buyers that your brand is definitely worth looking at.

GET THEM TO KNOW YOUR NAME. Don’t know how to do any of these things? It’s okay. Contact our 24/7 Merchant Support Team for help getting started with any of our loads of exclusive customizing features at

ImLive Fuels Continued Growth with Help of One-Click Tools and Merchant Connect

ImLiveone of the world’s largest and most popular live webcam arenas, has been taking advantage of our one-click cross-sales and Merchant Connect features, while  capturing significant amounts of sales.

“By far the one-click option gave us the opportunity to grow,” said Shay E, VP of marketing and business development for ImLive. “As of today, we are seeing a number of consumers making purchases on our sites through one-click and have been pleased with the added functionality the feature provides.”  

The one-click option complements our newest feature release, Merchant Connect, which enables merchants to easily establish relationships with other companies in the CCBill family. These merchants are then able to work with each other to leverage their respective membership bases to drive more revenue opportunities through one-click cross-sales.   

“The idea behind Merchant Connect is to deliver an easily accessible method for opening up more revenue opportunities through relationship-based sales tools,” said Jason Kirk, VP of product development for CCBill. 

“The ease of one-click purchasing for our consumers, along with the assured security CCBill provides for their personal and financial information, makes one-clicks by far the best revenue builder for our sites,” added Shay. “The new Merchant Connect portal makes it easier than ever for companies to work together to create cross-sale opportunities, and we are thrilled to be part of it.”

Merchant Connect is available from within the CCBill Admin Portal for any CCBill merchant. ImLive is a key participant in Merchant Connect, offering both simple and advanced programs other merchants can join. For more information, contact the CCBill Merchant Support team at or 800.510.2859.

Notice: Merchant Payouts

CCBill support has been receiving some inquiries and reports of delayed receipt of checks from a few merchants and affiliates.

We are pleased to again confirm that all payouts were distributed by CCBill on time as always, and our delivery to our distribution locations did occur on schedule.

Unfortunately, CCBill cannot anticipate or control any delays incurred by local postal services, but we urge you to check with your local postal location if you are encountering delivery delays. Local weather and emergency issues can impact local delivery.