CCBill’s FlexForms System and One-Click Feature Help ATKingdom Maximize Results

With the proliferation of personal devices and evolving consumer purchase behaviors, it can be a challenge for businesses to ensure payment options are being presented in a manner that will best resonate with the buyers. As ATKingdom Operations and Business Development Manager Melissa Campos states in this video, the built-in and intuitive features of FlexForms make it easy to create different looks and present them to consumers.

A|B testing of forms is one thing, comparing different payment processors is another. FlexForms allows businesses to make these comparisons between e-commerce providers, and can complement any other testing scenarios as well. For instance, ATKingdom is seeing notable results comparing how CCBill one-clicks performs against a solution that is not utilizing one-clicks, as stated by Campos.   

“As the online buyer changes, our merchants are digging into the many toolsets in our platform to drive new sales and expand their reach,” said Gary Jackson, managing VP of sales for CCBill. “What ATKingdom is doing is a prime example. It has leveraged the automated A|B testing options within FlexForms to see which form aesthetics and pricing variables work best with astounding results. And once the new member has access, they are capturing additional sales through one-clicks. Knowledge is power and knowing what performs and what doesn’t can go a long way toward achieving success.”

To begin using the forms, merchants can visit the FlexForms area within the CCBill Admin Portal. For more information, contact or call 800-510-2859.

CCBill Announces NATS Compatibility with FlexForms, Addition to Integration Partners

Leading affiliate platform can be used with dynamic payments system

CCBill merchants that are using FlexForms can incorporate the NATS affiliate program backend to analyze and maintain affiliate relationships, deliver and track advertising tools, configure offers, and generate detailed reports. Conversely, CCBill merchants that may have been using NATS already are now able to fully leverage the FlexForms payment system to generate one customizable payment flow that can be used for all payment types, implement multiple instant promotions, efficiently perform a variety of testing with just a couple of clicks, and more.    

FlexForms is currently available to any CCBill merchant. To begin using it, CCBill merchants can visit the FlexForms area within the CCBill Admin Portal. To learn more about NATS or to start using the affiliate platform with FlexForms, CCBill merchants can visit the Integration Partners area of For more information, contact or call 800.510.2859.

Update Regarding CCBill Admin Reports

CCBill is encountering some recurring reporting issues when merchants and affiliates attempt to access certain reports within the CCBill Admin. Due to our ongoing maintenance and improvement efforts, we unfortunately encountered some issues with the reporting system. Our teams are currently working diligently to resolve the problem as soon as we can, and we apologize for any inconveniences this is causing our merchants and their affiliates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you do encounter an error message while accessing a selected report, please try the request again. If that does not work, refresh your login and try again.

If you continue to receive errors, please contact our 24/7 Admin Support Team at or via phone at 800.510.2859. You may also utilize our Live Chat option.

Honored to be nominated - YNOT Awards 2015


We are very proud and honored to be nominated for the YNOT 2015 Awards.

YNOT Awards recognizes excellence in the adult entertainment industry in the business to business space.

This year we are thrilled that "The Phoenix Forum" is nominated for the following category:

  • Best Industry Event 

Voting is now open until the end of August 2015. We look forward to interacting with the community during the upcoming ceremonies and corresponding events.

Thank you for your continued support. We would appreciate your vote, by visiting the following links: 

CCBill celebrates 17 years

CCBill celebrates 17 years  

In 1998, a small business began with an idea to help merchant take payments online. Seventeen years later, that family-owned business evolved into an international e-commerce provider, with 5 offices globally, providing business automation and growth support for 45,000 merchants and millions of their affiliates. 

We are honored that our customers continue to grow with CCBill and, we take that commitment very seriously, making every effort to keep ahead of the changing game in online payments and working to exceed all of your needs. 

We are very proud of the company as this month we celebrate our 17th birthday, knowing that we would not be here today, if not for the dedication of our family of employees, or the commitment of our all-important allies – our merchants, their affiliates and our integration partners, both past and present.

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FlexForms latest updates

CCBill releases FlexForms 1.0 which sharpens some functionalities within the system so that merchants can more efficiently manage the payments portion of their business operations.

For instance, the addition of Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) enables merchants to offer all payment types and instantly reach buyers in 29 European countries without intensive efforts. Furthermore, the new automatic conversion of a recurring price point to a single price point for EU payment types that only support single purchases opens more potential revenue opportunities. These new updates to FlexForms complement the payment system’s underlying approach of providing a fully featured tool that is also easy to use. 

“A key component of FlexForms is its ability to offer merchants a tool they can use to create one payment link to reach all consumers and present those consumers with native payment options regardless of their location,” said Gary Jackson, managing VP of sales and Internet markets for CCBill. “The 1.0 update solidifies this capability by fully incorporating additional payment types and methods commonly used in the European region within an interface that makes it easy to create and control a variety of payments related parameters. Making forms, customizing them to regions, adding instant promotions, and reaching a global audience has never been simpler.” 

Indeed, as ATKingdom’s Melissa Campos states in this video, using FlexForms is like configuring a new smartphone. 

FlexForms 1.0 also addresses how various European currencies are displayed to consumers, to better help merchants provide the applicable payment options to buyers across the globe. This addition, along with FlexForms’ ability to sense the country, language, and currency of the buyer, truly localizes the purchase experience. 

“Enabling global business has always been a major focus for us, and FlexForms is just one of the tools we offer to help in this regard,” added Jackson. Of course, all the tools and functionalities don’t mean a whole lot if they are difficult to use. And with FlexForms, setting up a global payment flow is quite intuitive.

FlexForms is currently available to any CCBill merchant. To begin using the forms, CCBill merchants can visit the FlexForms area within the CCBill Admin Portal. For more information, contact or call 800.510.2859.