Top 10 Billing Blindspots - #9 - Touchpoints

Top 10 Billing Blindspots - #9 - Touchpoints

CCBill includes a full menu of customer touch points to help capture the interest of new visitors and members - and increase their page views, but the number of clients who tend to overlook these integrated tools in their marketing efforts, puts this Blindspot on our list at #9.

Could any of these ideas used by other merchants - work for you?
  • With Timed Pop-Ups…provide auto-teasers to get their attention with branding, link to partner sites for referred sales, or even promote specific models from your site. Learn More >>
  • With Exit Pop-Ups…if a visitor is leaving your JOIN form, you can offer other options – or even a deal.  Learn More >>
  • With Custom Emails…customize that automated email receipt with additional items to buy -  or if they cancel their membership, offer something different and refer a sale to a partner. You cannot imagine how many cancellations come from customers bored with content.   Learn More >>
  • With Built-In Promos…tie your payment forms to your promotions with special offers to capture more revenue.   Learn More >>
  • With Cross-Sales…find a CCBill partner and join forces for bonus sites sales.   Learn More >>
  • With Loyalty Discounts…offer discounts on their membership, if they stick with you for a few months.   Learn More >>
KEEP YOUR SURFERS BEFORE THEY BOUNCE!  Don’t know how to get these set-up? It’s okay. Contact our 24/7 Merchant Support Specialists for help getting started with offering more contact with your buyers.

Top 10 Billing Blindspots #10

Top 10 Billing Blindspots #10:Custom Emails

People tend to over look what is usually considered basic communications by not setting these up and using them as part of their marketing efforts.

Anytime anyone does any kind of transaction via CCBill’s payment platform – whether you make a sale, get a declined sale, a member’s card fails to rebill, when a subscription expires or a member cancels their subscription, EVERY TIME CCBill can automatically send a full-color, custom email to the user.  Html, merge fields, BCC email fields – you name it – you can do it.

Don't miss setting these up!  Learn more here.

GET THEIR ATTENTION EVERYTIME.  Don’t know how to get these set-up? It’s okay. Contact our 24/7 Merchant Support Specialists for help getting started with offering the best possible experience for your buyers.

A Success Story of ImLive

Seeking to Build Off its Successful Affiliate Relationships, ImLive Looked to CCBill’s Merchant Connect to Drive More Revenue

One of the world’s largest and most popular live webcam arenas, ImLive has more than 63 million registered members and more than 80,000 amateur webcam hosts broadcasting live from their homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Like many others in the industry, ImLive is continually faced with how to drive continued growth in an increasingly fragmented market and consumer base. In order to keep building on its successes, ImLive wanted to find an easier way to partner with more affiliates. The company also wanted to find a way to simplify the consumer transaction process of affiliate merchant sales.


CCBill’s Merchant Connect. The simple interface of Merchant Connect and ease of one-click purchasing has paid dividends for ImLive. Noted as being by far the best revenue builder for new websites, one-clicks are an integral part of ImLive’s operations and have enabled the webcam provider to achieve high growth rates and excellent consumer recognition.

To read more about this ImLive Success Story, click here.

Have you heard of Merchant Connect?

We want to make sure you have heard of Merchant Connect, our network that can help you increase traffic and revenue.

Much like the affiliate model, Merchant Connect empowers a linking between different CCBill merchants to offer their content, services and/or goods to the base of CCBill merchants through its simple-to-use online interface. Designed to simplify and secure the purchase process while increasing revenue, Merchant Connect can link a merchant’s traffic to other merchants automatically. It is a network of businesses that choose to do business together. Clicks and sales are tracked and pay-per-sale, revshare or custom compensation models can be applied between merchants. CCBill tracks the sales, manages the traffic and can even settle payouts, so you can stay focused on running your business.
To learn about the features of Merchant Connect, click here.
Why join the network? 
  • Legal cross-sales to instantly expand sales opportunities
  • CCBill’s proven tracking systems for revenue and traffic sharing
  • Simplified integration process
  • Warm sales opportunities using your already comfortable membership base
  • Instant diversification of your product offering
  • Live cams, membership, dating and hard goods sales added with the click of a button
  • Consumers can make purchases from different merchants without reentering payment information

How it works

Merchant Connect showcases listings of participating merchants and is easily accessible from within the CCBill Admin Portal. Merchants seeking sales opportunities or offering new programs can now see the programs available for them to join, and click to contact a business with which they want to work. Merchants are also able to easily register for Merchant Connect from within the Admin Portal. A detailed walkthrough of the system is available on our Merchant knowledge base located here.

Ready to join the network? 
To explore Merchant Connect programs in the Admin Portal click here.
If you would like to setup a program and be listed within Merchant Connect, please contact Merchant Support.


Did you find the name on your statement?
If you have a transaction on your billing statement that refers to, you purchased a
subscription, item or service from a website
which uses CCBill to handle their payment processing online.

When you choose CCBill for your payment, we promise to:
Keep Your Personal Information Private and Secure
Provide the Highest Level of Payment Security
Help You Resolve Any Billing or Membership Questions Easily
Provide Easy Access Billing Support for Payment and Membership Questions
Display Your Purchase Discreetly on Your Statement

Providing online purchase support for the hottest sites on the web since 1998, choosing CCBill for your purchase
ensures the highest levels of payment security and complete discretion with every purchase.
When you see the CCBill logo, you can trust that your personal info and credit card details are
safe and private, and round-the-clock support is just a click away.

Choose Right. Choose CCBill.


Have you heard about FlexForms?

You may have heard that our new FlexForms is in open beta. This groundbreaking new system for taking payments online is designed with one purpose — to provide an easy-to-use flow and forms system that will help increase conversions and traffic.

FlexForms is a customizable billing solution that has a simple drag-and-drop interface and allows for a smart checkout process and eased consumer experience. International payments, promotional features and custom integrations are optimized, helping you drive sales.

This dynamic way of setting up streamlined payment flows allows you to:
  • Create custom cascades
  • Route traffic
  • Control design and branding
  • Conduct various forms of testing
  • Institute better promotions
  • Reach a larger group of buyers

One of FlexForms’ highlighted features is the ability to A│B test. From color to layout to banner, you are able to test your form’s look and feel. You are even able to test price points and different payment types for a region. But even more ground-breaking, with FlexForms you are able to test legacy CCBill forms and FlexForms forms against a payment form from an outside processor/biller.

FlexForms features:
  • Multiple payment options on one form
  • WebWidget module
  • A│B testing
  • Responsive forms
  • Multiple language, image and URL inventories
  • Trusted CCBill brand and support

Ready to turn FlexForms on? Click here. To learn more about the new FlexForms system, check out our webpage or contact our 24/7 Support Team at

FlexForms Contest - To learn about our social media contest, click here.


In our continuing efforts to provide you with the best levels of service, we will be performing an important maintenance on our system. The planned maintenance will occur on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, from 2:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST). During this time frame, you may experience intermittent connectivity while accessing the following systems:

  • CCBill Admin Portal
  • CCBill Consumer Support site
  • CCBill Online Sign-Up System

Note: transaction processing will not be affected by this maintenance.

During the maintenance window, our teams will be further enhancing our hardware and systems in order to better support your business. We will take every step to minimize the impacts of the maintenance and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team at or 800.510.2859.