Website for The Phoenix Forum 2015 Now Live

The website for the 2015 show is now live at

The Forum team is already looking ahead to the next show, and getting the online property published is an exciting milestone on the way to once again gathering with so many great friends and peers in sunny Arizona. Thanks to strong support and participation from both sponsors and attendees, every year The Phoenix Forum seems to get better and better.

Mark those calendars now for late March. In the meantime, keep checking the website for more details about the show as they are released.

A CCBill Success Story: ATKingdom

How the Right Data at the Right Time Makes All the Difference

Actively managing dozens of different online properties is no small task. Yet ATKingdom has been successfully doing just that since 1996. Developing and leveraging multiple simultaneous promotional campaigns, the online provider of niche content websites has been able to keep a strong and active membership base over the years.


Actionable data has always driven much of what ATKingdom presents to the market and its members through promotions and offers. However, pulling data sets out of the CCBill system was a time-consuming task that involved hours of dedicated work and manual effort. The impact this had on planning was also significant, since every time the company wanted to create a new offer or strategy, time for analysis had to be considered. Additionally, ATKingdom wanted to quickly see which of its past promotions or offers were successful, so it could re-engage its membership base.


Today, ATKingdom leverages CCBill's FlexStats reporting system to access the data it needs in minutes. This has enabled the company to see what has worked, what hasn't, and what may need to change with any given promotional campaign or offer. And that knowledge alone has helped produce increases in revenues across the board.

Take a look at the full ATKingdom Success Story for additional details, and to learn how CCBill helps merchants succeed.   

Cybersocket to Host A-List Gay Business Panel at XBIZ 360

Co-founder of Cybersocket, Morgan Sommer, is hosting the Gay Porn Master Class session at the upcoming XBIZ 360 show, on which our own Gary Jackson will be one of the panelists.

The panel, scheduled for 3 p.m. on January 15, will focus on important matters to the gay adult market including recruitment, model management, content production, and marketing, among others. Additional panelists that will be participating are (those people listed below), and more information can be found at

More Sales ... More Options ... Instantly

Your Business Goal:
More Sales

One Way to Do This?
Offer More for Consumers to Buy

How Can CCBill Help?
FlexForms Instant Promo Options

What are we talking about???

In CCBill's groundbreaking new forms system, FlexForms, promotions, upsells and cross-sells have been reimagined to empower better marketing options, provide visual promotions and customize what the buyer sees - allowing you to offer more promotions and offers to your customers - and get them to buy more.

And there is no more guessing or waiting to see if promos work. With instant publication and our exclusive side-by-side A|B testing, you can immediately publish promotions, plus run them side-by-side to see what sells best.
FlexForms promo and up sales options include:
  • Self-service promotion management
  • Multiple promotional options on a single form
  • Visual banner and text customization options
  • Instant publication of promotions
  • Variety of layout options
  • Promotions now can be offered to any payment type, language or currency
  • Banner and URL libraries for storing your marketing items for future promotions

Offer more, sell more - instantly - with new FlexForms from CCBill.

Ready to start? Click here. To learn more about the new FlexForms system, check out our detail page or contact our 24/7 Merchant Support Team at

Committed to Our Markets, Proud to be Nominated

Recently we were fortunate to receive a number of nominations for Cybersocket Web Awards. We are proud to be included with so many other stellar nominees, and grateful to everyone that helped support us by submitting a nomination.

As the adult entertainment industry continues to change and evolve as a whole, the gay market has been and remains an integral component of it. While we have always strived to demonstrate our support for it, nominations such as these are a welcome reminder to all of us of its significance. We are not successful unless our merchants are, regardless of market segment. And helping those that operate in the gay market manage their business is a commitment we are proud to uphold.

This year, we are honored to be nominated for the following awards:
  • Best Billing Company - CCBill
  • Company of the Year - CCBill
  • Best Hosting Company - Cavecreek
  • Businessperson of the Year - Gary Jackson

Voting for the Cybersocket Web Awards is open until December 5. We look forward to seeing so many friends and interacting with everyone that attends the upcoming ceremonies and corresponding events.

CCBill Team Member Walks in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day

We are proud of our CCBill team member, Melissa Groff, as she is walking the Susan G. Komen 3-Day starting today, November 20th in San Diego, California.

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk covers sixty miles to support "a larger family of women and men, younger and older, veterans and first-timers, all who take inspiration from the reachable goal of ending breast cancer." As a fundraising event, "the 3-Day is about making a commitment in honor of someone you love who is battling breast cancer – or in memory of someone lost. It's about creating new memories that will last a lifetime, with old and new friends alike. And it's about progress toward the ultimate end – a world without breast cancer."

In the words of Melissa:
I'm doing it again!  The San Diego 2014 event will be my sixth walk ... The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® is a 60-mile walk over the course of three days. Net proceeds help support research, scientific programs and community-based breast health and education programs for women and men facing breast cancer. 
Before my first walk in 2010 I did not have a personal connection to Breast Cancer.  I did have a connection to many I love have been touched by that horrible word.  I want to help in putting an end to cancer.  It doesn't matter what form as it has hurt those that I love.   
One of my friends had walked in the 3-Day and after being a walker stalker and supporting her for two years I felt there was no better way to help find an end than to join her!  Vicky was my inspiration and to this day will be always be the reason I can't stop.  She is still my inspiration and my motivation to never give up.  I have met so many wonderful people who truly know how short and precious life is.  Everyone Deserves a Lifetime but way too many do not get that chance.  I want my grandbabies to have that chance and I want them to see a world without cancer.  Please help by supporting me with a donation. 

Update: pictures from the event

A CCBill Success Story: Clips On Demand

How the Latest Technologies, Consumer Viewing Trends, and Reliable Payment Processing Combined to Drive Results

When Clips On Demand set out to expand its video distribution into the Roku streaming media delivery system, it knew it was on to something. With more than 8 million devices sold in the United States and almost 25 percent of the streaming market, Roku was (and is) simply where more and more viewers were going.


As a growing business, Clips On Demand wanted to take the next step and offer high-quality clips to viewer subscribers through the latest devices, and provide content to monitors and displays that were not tied down to a desktop computer. Roku had the market share, and Clips On Demand had the media. After creating a new Clips On Demand private Roku channel, the next step was integrating a payment system.


Today, Clips On Demand uses CCBill as the e-commerce component in its private channel, and results speak for themselves. Consumers (viewers) and producers trust CCBill. The consumers are comfortable making purchases and the producers are willing to keep adding more high-quality clips, as they know the payments portion of the system is in good hands.

Check out the full Clips On Demand Success Story for more details, and to learn how CCBill helps merchants succeed.