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19 Years of Growth: CCBill Celebrates Another Successful Year

The CCBill Family - Circa 2004

 It is a very exciting time for CCBill, a true milestone moment. As we make our way through the existing months of 2017, we also move closer to the two-decade mark for CCBill in 2018. With that said, carpe diem still rings true. We are thrilled and proud to celebrate our 19th anniversary. We are highlighting the amazing growth of our company, associates, merchants, their affiliates and partners. These past nineteen years have brought tremendous innovations in our services and in the introduction of many new technologies. It is also important to note that since our last anniversary, the CCBill Family has been expanding and excelling in wonderful ways, both with new members joining our teams around the globe, and with existing team members moving into new, or expanded positions within the organization.

From here, we look ahead to a bright future, deliverying wonderful new features and services to all the markets we serve. But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a quick moment to reflect.

First and foremost, we could not have done all this without you. As many of you know, we at CCBill consider ourselves to be a 'Family'. We are family-owned, and have built our company based on relationships of trust and candor. The CCBill Family includes our team members, our merchants, their consumers, thousands of affiliates and all our industry and business partners. A company, independent of size, cannot be successful without its partners and employees to help fuel their growth. We have shared many fruitful moments, at some of the largest events and trade shows over these past nineteen years, and the support we have from everyone in the CCBill Family has helped us receive some of the most prestigious nominations and awards in the industry. For this, we would like to say 'thank you' for the time you have spent with us, and thank you for your continued support of CCBill.

Next, it is important to note that in the past year, we have introduced new and updated products and services to help our merchants' and affiliates' businesses run smoother.  In our minds, it is important that our extensive account base can enjoy their recurring revenues while having the freedom to run their e-commerce properties based on their terms. Reaching a global market has never been easier.

These releases have ranged from introducing SEPA Payouts in Euros for our EU merchants and affiliates, to ACH Express for our U.S. accounts. Innovations have included upgrades to FlexForms 2.2 and possibly our most notable accomplishment to date, the introduction of CCBill Pay. CCBill Pay has been truly one of our most rewarding launches, as it positions us as a ‘payment-option,’ and elevated CCBill to a key global payment provider status, alongside AmazonPay, PayPal and Stripe. With this achievement, and so many more, we are proving our strength as a Payments-as-a-Service platform, trusted by millions of consumers each day.

To further propel CCBill well into the future, we continue to offer unique functionality and opportunities for revenue expansion through our proprietary and lauded CCBill Affiliate System, our exclusive Merchant Connect program, and of course our Integration Partners program.

Finally, in spite of the rapidly changing online market, we have managed to stay on top of the game and provide outstanding service and security to all our merchants, and their valuable buyers. We aim to keep going the extra mile, anticipate future business needs and always be a step ahead with cutting edge product and quality service to keep everyone in the CCBill Family happy, both today and all our tomorrows.

As we make our way through our 19th year, we just want to say thank you and let you know that we are looking forward to the next 19!

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