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3dcart: A Complete Ecommerce Solution for CCBill Users

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Back in 1997, ecommerce was still in its relatively early stages. Amazon and eBay- known then as AuctionWeb were both only 2 years old. Google AdWords did not even exist, and retail giant Walmart was strictly a brick-n-mortar operation. Merchants and customers alike were just starting to understand the possibilities and potential of ecommerce, and software programmers often struggled to catch up to the dream of what online stores could be.

From these ecommerce beginnings of 1997, came 3dcart — a shopping cart software company developed and founded by Gonzalo Gil, based on his experience in programming customizations for online stores’ existing platforms. His reasoning for launching 3dcart was that if the majority of his retail clients wanted a particular group of features, why not build a platform that could meet all their needs, right out of the box?

Since that day, 3dcart has continued to develop into a feature-rich, comprehensive ecommerce solution, by keeping an eye on the newest demands of online sellers everywhere. As part of that ongoing mission, 3dcart is proud to be partnered with CCBill — one of the first payment service platforms for ecommerce merchants.


What Does 3dcart Bring to the Table? 

As one of the oldest and most established ecommerce platforms, 3dcart has had plenty of time and experience figuring out what works and what doesn’t for selling online. As a complete SaaS cloud-hosted solution, 3dcart provides all the tools necessary for creating and managing an online store of any size. Built-in integration with CCBill means entrepreneurs can build an ecommerce store ready to process secure payments in 45 countries, complete with geo-targeted payment options to fit any business model.


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Innovation and Flexibility 

3dcart comes with a vast array of features geared toward ecommerce success, including marketing and social media tools to back up the robust online store management system. Merchants can create unlimited content pages, categories and sub-categories for an unlimited number of products. There are no caps on bandwidth or disk storage either, so store owners are free to build as they see fit.

Promotional tools include a flexible coupon creation system, Daily Deals and Group Deals complete with a front-page countdown timer, and built-in newsletters and autoresponders enabled by the included hosted email. Users of MailChimp and other email marketing software can use their preferred solution due to integration. 3dcart is also fully integrated with Facebook, enabling product sales from a business’s Facebook Shop as well as hyper-targeted advertising. This is backed up by a comprehensive set of SEO tools for getting online stores and products ranked on search engines, including canonical URLs, 301 redirects, and customizable URLs and meta tags such as page titles and descriptions.

The most recent Version 8 and 8.1 3dcart software updates introduced even more features, such as Drip integration and an easy-to-use preorder system. Google Customer Reviews and Google Shopping Feed provide an additional boost to brand visibility. One of the most versatile features is the 3dcart Buy Button, an embeddable widget that can be placed almost anywhere, enabling merchants to sell from additional venues.

Version 8 also introduced the Core Templating Engine, a powerful new framework for store themes. Core themes are built with Bootstrap and follow a modular structure that appeals to developers seeking to create their own designs. AJAX functionality and coding optimizations ensure fast page load speeds, which provides another SEO advantage — as does Google AMP, meaning 3dcart’s Core themes are fully optimized for mobile devices of all sizes.

Other 3dcart features include built-in PCI compliance, FTP access to store files, an API for app developers, and mass import and export of data via CSV files, including products, mailing lists, and more. The intuitive store management interface is similar to other popular ecommerce platforms and includes mouseover tooltips so a new user can start without much difficulty. Users can also access a complete Knowledgebase, packed with tutorials, as well as free tech support from the same office that develops the software.


A Complete Ecommerce Toolkit 

CCBill and 3dcart are a match made in ecommerce heaven. Between CCBill’s global billing automation and support, along with 3dcart’s ongoing mission of building the most complete shopping cart software on the market, internet entrepreneurs can look forward to continued business growth, while providing their buyers with a an optimum shopping experience. Whether you want to sell locally or globally, everything you need to build your online store is right here within our partnership.

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Founded in 1997, 3dcart is a complete and robust ecommerce platform designed to help online store owners thrive in a competitive market. With hundreds of features built directly into its software, business owners can effectively open, operate and maintain a successful online store with relative ease and efficiency.

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