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Ecommerce Buzz: Try Subscription Retail

CCBill at IRCE

The hottest topic in the media business right now is the unexpected growth of subscription retail. Convenience, brand loyalty, and price are just a few of the reasons why shoppers sign up for product subscriptions with their favorite retailers.

Whether they are monthly or seasonal, subscription-based sales are on the rise. Since 2017, the number of monthly visitors to subscription company sites has grown by a whopping 800%.

An additional advantage of subscription boxes is that they give ecommerce owners a treasure trove of data — retailers can easily learn what items customers are responding well to, or what inventory should be phased out.

Subscription and Billing Automation on One Complete Platform

The CCBill payment services platform empowers a single source to take payments online. The CCBill platform is built to care for your buyers while automating your online business. Put simply, CCBill has two decades of experience specializing in subscriptions with both a portfolio of features and proven expertise. If you have a subscription-based service or product you're selling, you can be sure that CCBill has the tools to help optimize its sale.

Start Selling Today

With over 310 store builder features, merchants can transform their e-store into a buyer friendly online property that drives more sales and better profitability using PrestaShop and the integrated CCBill payment module.

The PrestaShop Official Marketplace is built to power online merchants with world-class ecommerce software to open and grow their business quickly and successfully. With rapid deployment of innovative, third-party modules, PrestaShop minimizes the integration process for these merchants down to a few easy steps.

With CCBill, you and your PrestaShop Store receive: 

  •  A complete package of payment tools
  • Easy access to merchant processing
  • Membership management
  • Log in and pay with CCBill Pay
  • Automated billing
  • Protection for your business
  • Global sales expansion


How Can You Learn More?

Ecommerce is always evolving, and new trends are constantly emerging. We're always on the look out for the newest trends and happenings in the retail industry. That is why we are headed out to connect with the Internet Retail world at the annual IRCE conference, taking place June 5-8 in Chicago, Illinois.   


The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition – better known as IRCE will take place in the world-class city of Chicago, June 5-8, at McCormick Place West. A one-stop-shop for all e-retail needs, this conference and trade show offers it's attendees the most current online retail information, to help merchants stay ahead of their competition.

As an early adopter to everything hot on the market, you'll find CCBill among 6,300 + retailers and 3,100 + companies attending this year's IRCE.  

We are thrilled to attend what is by far the biggest retail industry event of the year. If you are attending IRCE 2018, and thinking of setting up a subscription retail store, look for CCBill's Channel Manager Chris Pike, in the PrestaShop Booth #652 or better yet email us at channel@ccbill.com to set up a time to meet. 

Heads up! There is a little surprise waiting for you at the PrestaShop booth, we think you'd like it. 

Start Using PrestaShop 


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