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Introducing ACH Express: Our Newest Payout Option for CCBill Merchants and Affiliates


CCBill is delighted to announce the release of yet another new payout option for global merchants and affiliates: ACH Express. As the banking world and financial markets evolve, CCBill is keeping ahead of changes by offering new payout options that will help streamline delivery, offer faster settlements and provide currencies for various regions.

The new CCBill payout option ACH Express offers weekly direct deposit to U.S. bank accounts three days earlier than the other CCBill payout methods, without the destination fees and hassle of wire transfers. Funds are transferred for receipt on the Friday, following when the CCBill weekly pay period ends. This means same week delivery of funds to any U.S. bank account. This new, direct and up-to date option is the perfect addition to the menu of reliable CCBill payout choices offered to our account base of merchants and affiliates. 

ACH Express details include:

  • Available for Payouts starting July 28, 2017
  • USD currency only
  • U.S. Based Banks only
  • Minimum Amount for Payout: $100.00 USD
  • No Maximum Amount for Payout

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY ACH EXPRESS PAYOUT OFFER: To show our enthusiasm for our new option, we are offering a special introductory rate of $15.00 per ACH Express payout.

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