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CCBill Announces NATS Compatibility with FlexForms, Addition to Integration Partners

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Leading affiliate platform can be used with dynamic payments system 


CCBill merchants that are using FlexForms can incorporate the NATS affiliate program backend to analyze and maintain affiliate relationships, deliver and track advertising tools, configure offers, and generate detailed reports. Conversely, CCBill merchants that may have been using NATS already are now able to fully leverage the FlexForms payment system to generate one customizable payment flow that can be used for all payment types, implement multiple instant promotions, efficiently perform a variety of testing with just a couple of clicks, and more.  

FlexForms is currently available to any CCBill merchant. To begin using it, CCBill merchants can visit the FlexForms area within the CCBill Admin Portal. To learn more about NATS or to start using the affiliate platform with FlexForms, CCBill merchants can visit the Integration Partners area of For more information, contact or call 800.510.2859.
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