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CCBill Winning Ideas: Give Your Buyers a Second Chance

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For those in business for the long-haul, keeping an eye on the quality of the consumer purchase has always been faced with the seemingly opposing goal of having the best conversions possible.

In a market of unstable personal credit lines and jumpy customers, how do you keep transactions coming in while minimizing the risk to your business? Plus – there’s the issue of providing a second chance to those consumers who may have had problems with payments in the past.

With the right tools, both risk and reward are equally manageable to the most of your incoming sales and revenue. Your payment platform should provide a variety of options to capture a sale, giving your consumers a chance to give you their money, without the fear that your merchant account will be hit hard.

  1. TRACK AND ANALYZE – Understanding your business is the only way to make decisions. Your processor should have metrics and tools to track form hits and abandonment, understand your audience's buying and decline reasons, as well as where that traffic goes. With CCBill, there are several ways to know-your-flow. You can track form traffic as part of the payment flow, as well as drill down into specific reasons for declines, by type and by region. Additionally, CCBill integrates with your Google Analytics account, allowing the traffic flow when they go to pay via CCBill directly in your Google Analytics tracking.
  2. MORE PAYMENT OPTIONS, CURRENCIES AND PAYMENT TYPES –First things first - provide your shoppers with the options they expect. Multiple package options for that membership to fit their budget AND their credit limit. In a global market, offer the common currencies and easy conversions and, for the global buyer. And of course, provide a wide variety of proven payment types - CCBill offers dozens of payment types to meet the needs of members from all corners of the globe.
  3. SECOND CHANCE TRANSACTIONS – CCBill has led the industry for 20 years with exclusive features like our Web Verify or Web Validate. Automatically offer your declined consumers another chance to access your content … and pay you!
  4. ALTERNATE PAYMENT TYPES –Did you know that many European consumers still do not use a credit card? Alternate payment types can be the difference between a sale and not. And what might seem unusual to you as a form of payment may be the preferred method for a large audience. Provide SEPA Direct Debit options for direct European debit payments, or even a bill-pay type option to have chargeback-free funds sent to your CCBill account.
  5. REPUTATION –Of course, the reputation and trust associated with that processor shown on your payment form can be the difference between a completed payment and instill confidence or be a cause for hesitation. Your processor should reflect the same attention to credibility and trust that you have for your business - providing peace-of-mind for the cautious consumer.

Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is a Payments-as-a-Service platform designed to grow with you and instantly expand when you need it - without added cost or loads of extra work. Doing is more than doing, it is planning and preparation - and harnessing the right resources, like CCBill, to help to manage your growth when it happens.

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About Author

Gary Jackson
Gary Jackson

Gary brings nearly two decades of experience in the online media and commerce markets to the industry, having built from scratch four successful sales organizations for several software and ISP start-ups. Since joining CCBill in 2006, he has been a champion for CCBill’s business expansion for merchants and partners of CCBill, as indicated by the launch of a number of pioneering software innovations and traffic tools, including FlexForms, Merchant Connect, Integration Partners and the industry’s first stored payment service, CCBill Pay. Additionally, he led CCBill’s diversification into mainstream, dating and tangible markets, for which CCBill has been recognized with the iDate Award for Best Payment System for three years running. Currently leading the CCBill team as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gary has been honored in the online adult industry with the 2012 XBIZ Award for Executive Leadership, the Cybersocket Business Person of the Year in 2011 and 2018, the Cybersocket Wall of Fame Award of Excellence in 2017, and this past year, was honored with the 2018 XBIZ Executive Award for Senior Leadership. Since 2014, he has been involved with ASACP as an Advisory Council member and most recently on the Executive Committee. In his personal time, Gary can be found spending his time working with several non-profit organizations in the Phoenix area.

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