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Starting a Project? Think Payments on Day One


The decision to launch a new ecommerce website is not something that online merchants take lightly. From marketing and promotional campaigns to design, companies will invest considerable time and energy in website development. The subject of payment services, however, may not come up until a site is about to be launched — and instead of waiting that long, merchants should be planning their billing strategies for new sites from day one.

When a new ecommerce website is unveiled, many things go into making that site achieve maximum conversions. The Internet is a global marketplace, and a successful site must take into consideration all the different payment, currency and linguistic preferences that exist around the world. On top of that, a new site will need a multi-device strategy that makes transaction processing as easy on smartphones and tablets as it is on desktops and laptops. In addition, the time to begin discussing the nuances of payment services is not at the last minute, but when a site is still being developed.

In fact, a payments strategy should be discussed not as something separate from a site’s design, content, promotional campaign or target demographics, but as an integral part of those things. Merchants, in order to maximize conversion, will need to evaluate the markets in which a new site is likely to perform well — and if a company has high hopes for Japan, Italy, New Zealand or the Czech Republic, for example, it is crucial to make accepting payments as easy and user-friendly as possible for potential customers in those markets.

The operative word is “potential”; until consumers decide to patronize a new site and actually make their first payments, merchants haven’t closed the deal — and a payment-friendly design, along with excellent content and a smart promotional strategy, will encourage consumers to take the plunge. This is something merchants should be discussing with a payment service provider from the very beginning of a new site’s planning stage.

CCBill offers a variety of payment tools that can be integrated into the design of a new ecommerce site and increase its chances of converting; from merchant connect software to affiliate tracking software to software that can help to maximize upsells and cross-sells. If a consumer has already signed on as a customer and become profitable for a new site, merchants must encourage them to become even more profitable — and CCBill’s software makes it easier for loyal website customers to upgrade to a new product promotion from an E-store, a premium subscription offering, or purchase additional tokens from a gaming or entertainment site.

In the gaming sector, merchants have long realized the importance of working out a strong product/promotions/payments strategy from the minute they decide to go forward with a new website. There is no reason why other types of ecommerce companies cannot do the same, and the sooner merchants begin putting together a robust billing campaign for a new site, the more likely that site will be to turn a healthy profit.

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