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Partner Spotlight: Adult SiteRunner

Each week, we are proud to showcase one of our CCBill Integration Partners. These are software, application and business partners who work closely with CCBill on a variety of business segments – all designed to support your business on our Payments-as-a-Service platform.  

At CCBill, we want to help our merchants meet the needs of the changing online world of commerce by connecting them with tools and products from our top partners.

This week, we are pleased to highlight our integration with Adult SiteRunner, the only 100% Amazon (AWS) cloud based CMS platform.

Adult SiteRunner is a cloud content management system (CMS) that comes standard with file ingestion, cloud video encoding, and secure-streaming video delivery using CDNs to both desktop and mobile devices. Adult SiteRunner includes a monetization engine that combines traditional membership revenue with downloading of individual scenes and cloud stashing. 

Adult SiteRunner is the first CMS in the market to fully integrate "one-click" purchases offered by payment services, such as CCBill, to help drive revenue and truly power the monetization of individual video files, in addition to the traditional membership model, all on one, single CMS platform.

CCBill Integration Partner Details:

Partner:  Adult SiteRunner

Partner Type:  Preferred Partner

Industry:  Adult CMS provider

Category:  Content Management System

Validated:  Yes

FlexForms Compatible:  Yes

Subscription Support:  Yes

Webhooks Compatible:  No

Business Models:  All Risk Models and Price Points



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