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Partner Spotlight: aMember Professional

Each week, we are proud to showcase one of our CCBill Integration Partners. These are software, application and business partners who work closely with CCBill on a variety of business segments – all designed to support your business on our Payments-as-a-Service platform.

At CCBill, we want to help our merchants meet the needs of the changing online world of commerce by connecting them with tools and products from our top partners.

This week, we are pleased to highlight our integration with aMember Pro, a flexible user friendly membership management software. 

aMember Pro is an advanced membership software. Besides the standard membership software functions, it also contains a built-in helpdesk, newsletter services integration, shopping cart module, Facebook integration, and much more. aMember Pro is optimized and specially tuned to work well with high volume member sites, even those with 1,000,000 customers. It is a standalone solution, but if necessary it can be integrated with Wordpress, using an included plugin.  Additionally, aMember Pro software is installed on your website, thus there is no recurring fee to use it.

aMember Pro is multi-lingual, and supports 17 languages in the front-end. It supports REST API, Webhooks, and PHP integration interfaces. Also, it features a special SoftSale module, which can be used to handle licensing and subscriptions in offline software and mobile apps. Another useful feature is a "Credits" module, which allows selling credits to customers, then the customers can use their credits on your website to purchase access to content, other products or services.

First launched in 2002, aMember Pro has the experience to implement subscription/e-commerce projects of any complexity, successfully for CCBill merchants.

CCBill Integration Partner Details:

Partner: aMember Pro

Partner Type: Preferred Partner

Industry: CMS provider

Category: Content Management System

Validated: Yes

FlexForms Compatible: Yes

Subscription Support: Yes

Webhooks Compatible: No

Business Models: All Risk Models and Price Points


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