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Partner Spotlight: AVSecure


Each week, we are proud to showcase one of our CCBill Integration Partners. These are software, application and business partners who work closely with CCBill on a variety of business segments – all designed to support your business on our Payments-as-a-Service platform.

At CCBill, we want to help our merchants meet the needs of the changing online world of commerce by connecting them with tools and products from our top partners.

This week, we are pleased to highlight our integration with AVSecure, the leading age verification solution built on Blockchain which is FREE for merchants and FREE to consumers. This partnership offers CCBill merchants with a worldwide solution to comply with the upcoming U.K. Digital Economy Act.

AVSecure is a global enterprise which adds an important component to CCBill’s goal of providing trusted resources for their online commerce ecosystem. As the requirements on age verification continue to deepen and define, AVSecure’s unique blockchain solution provides a trusted and secure option for most any business model.

Under the U.K. Digital Economy Act, all websites with adult content accessible from within the United Kingdom have a responsibility to block access from minors. The enforcement requires more than a passive checkbox confirming a user’s age. It is expected that acceptable age verification methods will include credit/debit card, voting data, mobile with SMS, and government issued identification such as a passport or Driver’s License, or in person verification using the Age Verification Card and AVSecure handles such verification processes.

AVSecure brings the security of Blockchain to the online age verification market, and will allow users post-Digital Economy Act to access the content they want, safely and securely.

CCBill Integration Partner Details:

Partner:  AVSecure

Partner Type:  Consumer Experience

Industry:  Age Verification

Category:  Business Services 

Validated:  Yes

FlexForms Compatible:  Yes

Subscription Support:  Yes

WebHooks Compatible:  Yes

Business Models:  All Risk Models and Price Points 

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Chris Pike
Chris Pike

Chris Pike has a diverse 14+ year background and expertise in areas of Sales, Communications, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Training, and Business Development which has provided his clients with unique advantages. Since joining CCBill in 2016, Chris has concentrated on bridging gaps between CCBills Integration Partners and expanding opportunities in the mainstream and adult sectors. Chris has developed strong relationships with his partners, engaged management and marketing, to uncover new opportunities, and present value propositions to help drive business. As the Channel Manager he’s responsible for generating new sales through alternate sales channels. Chris enjoys spending time with his kids and being outdoors, where you might find him hiking or bike riding through the desert.

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