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Partner Spotlight: Magento


Each week, we are proud to showcase one of our CCBill Integration Partners. These are software, application and business partners who work closely with CCBill on a variety of business segments – all designed to support your business on our Payments-as-a-Service platform.

At CCBill, we want to help our merchants meet the needs of the changing online world of commerce by connecting them with tools and products from our top partners.

This week, we are thrilled to announce our integration with Magento, We are proud to note that CCBill has also joined the technology partner program for Magento Commerce, the leading platform for open commerce innovation.

With retail subscriptions now providing merchants with another channel to drive recurring revenue from their loyal base of customers, CCBill provides Magento stores with an optimized checkout and payment experience for nearly any combination of online retail models. In addition, Magento merchants can access hundreds of powerful tools for subscription management, business automation and expansion, just by plugging the CCBill extension into their online store.

Magento offers CCBill Merchants a flexible, scalable ecommerce solutions designed to help you grow and succeed online. Their cost-effective technology platform makes it possible for you to control the content, functionality, look and feel of your online store. Only Magento, which is open source and agile, can help you adapt and thrive. With a global ecosystem of 150,000 developers and a network of 300+ highly-trained solution partners, Magento boosts your online sales while maximizing gross margins.

Magento successfully integrates digital and physical shopping experiences, delighting customers. In addition to its flagship open source commerce platform, Magento boasts a strong portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solutions including in-store, retail associate, and order management technologies.

Magento offers support, services and training to help ensure your success. Their network of partners and certified developers offer expertise and resources to help design, build and host your store. Their partners also offer thousands of apps and extensions to help you add custom features and functionality.

CCBill Integration Partner Details:

Partner:  Magento

Partner Type:  CCBill Preferred

Industry:  Ecommerce provider

Category:  Store builder, Software, Shopping Cart

Validated:  Yes

FlexForms Compatible:  Yes

Subscription Support:  No

WebHooks Compatible:  Yes

Business Models:  All Risk Models and Price Points

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