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Partner Spotlight: phoenixNAP


Each week, we are proud to showcase some of our CCBill Integration Partners. These are software, application and business partners who work closely with CCBill on a variety of business segments – all designed to support your business on our Payments-as-a-Service platform. Meet the needs of the changing online world of commerce by connecting with the tools and products from our top partners.

This week, we are pleased to highlight our integration partner phoenixNAP, a provider of Global IT Services.

phoenixNAP is a global IT services provider with locations around the globe, each with full service OpEx offerings and staffed to meet your needs. PhoenixNAP offers a portfolio of IT services that can be utilized as a single service or combined as a custom solution, built to fit your needs, no matter where you are based. PhoenixNAP offers managed hosting solutions, cloud services, dedicated servers, colocation and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions that enable eCommerce merchants and content providers to easily operate on a global scale.

Your business can easily scale and stay in control of your investments and operations with phoenixNAP. PhoenixNAP Managed Hosting Solutions include: 

  • Managed Services with strong SLAs to simplify your operations and keep your servers in top shape
  • Services availability out of 6 global locations to easily service all your clients
  • Access to wide range of fully customizable solutions to suit all your needs
  • Global network including 100% uptime guarantee to keep your content accessible
  • Free DDoS network protection and mitigation to shield you from external attacks
  • Additional Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions to help your availability and compliance
  • Full OpEx offering to help you grow and scale with ease and invest instead in your content
  • Consultancy in order to take the guesswork out of the equation and help you build solutions supporting all your needs. 

Founded in 2009, and focused on resilient business operations with cyber security and compliance readiness in mind, phoenixNAP delivers Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions, comprehensive Disaster Recovery options, DDoS-protected global network, hybrid IT deployments with software and hardware-based security from multiple strategic edge locations worldwide.

Partner Type:  CCBill Integration Partner

Industry: Managed Hosting Solutions

Category: Business Services

Business Models: All Risk Models and Price Points

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