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PrestaShop 1.7.3 is out and we’re compatible!

CCBill’s Preferred Integration Partner, PrestaShop announced last Wednesday that they have released the newest version of their software, PrestaShop 1.7.3. This important software update includes a number of new features and fixes.


New Features and Fixes include:

  • PrestaTrust: This innovative feature authenticates the code of PrestaTrust-enabled modules and safely keeps track of license information in the blockchain.
  • Right-To-Left support: PrestaShop is now friendly with languages written from right-to-left (RTL). This is extremely important for selling in countries that speak in RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew or Persian.
  • A new set of Demo products, which will give PrestaShop a fresh and modern face.
  • UI Kit: A new graphic identity for the core… and modules! The UI kit brings a coherent set of reusable components that work the same across the back office, as well as Bootstrap 4 and jQuery 3.
  • Symfony migration: Three new pages have been migrated to symfony, bringing new components and exciting new features to module developers, and many smaller features with handy fixes like the ability to: 
    • Set shipping delivery times and be compliant with European law. 
    • Make PrestaShop send you alerts when a product is low on stock. 
    • Perform bulk editions in stocks. 
    • Offer Icelandic localization and a new Installer in Japanese.

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CCBill remains fully compatible with this newest version of PrestaShop.

What we offer PrestaShop clients

  • We provide a payment method suitable to your customers
  • For merchants located in United States, Canada, Europe and United Kingdom
  • Payments-as-a-Service: all-in-one processing for stores, items and subscriptions
  • No credit checks
  • Sell to consumers worldwide
  • Provide an international checkout instantly
  • Set-it-and forget-it billing automation


 About PrestaShop

PrestaShop consists of 70 developers, designers, and professional ecommerce addicts. Headquartered in Paris and Miami, we are a leader in everything ecommerce and are committed to staying free and Open-source. As most developers know, inspiration begins with your customers. Each merchant and community member carries out projects large and small that contribute to not only their personal growth, but also the growth of PrestaShop. We continue to work hand-in-hand with the community and are passionate about creating features, modules, and templates according to their needs. The success of our software is thanks to countless hours by numerous contributors from around the world. We want to make sure every merchant is successful and in the process we ensure it is easy to sell online by providing over 310 features and an overall software that can be customized to each business’ needs.

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