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The CCBill Affiliate System – offering Merchants and Affiliates unique functionality and opportunities for growth


Whether you are a merchant or an affiliate, the situation is clear – even with changes in the market, and all of today’s additional options for buying and selling traffic and network advertising, affiliate marketing is here to stay!

CCBill merchants and program owners can take advantage of free access to the CCBill Affiliate System, which integrates all the important tools and reports to help them configure, track and pay their affiliates.  As an added benefit, there are already millions of quality affiliates registered in the CCBill Affiliate System, because they trust CCBill to handle their commissions, on time, every week.

Benefits for Merchants using the CCBill Affiliate System include:

  • Affiliate payouts - CCBill tracks, manages and distributes affiliate payouts on behalf of the program owners. Handling affiliate payouts for nearly two decades, CCBill lets their merchants focus on their core business, while CCBill handles their weekly partner payouts.
  • Flexible payout management - CCBill program and payout management tools allow you to set up affiliate groupings, bonus level tiers, handle fee splits, and payouts based on revenue sharing, initial sales, or recurring sales, to help maximize the revenue potential of program owners and their affiliates.
  • Robust statistics – CCBill merchants can optimize their programs with real-time results and actionable insights based on their affiliates' performance from a single, easy to use Admin portal. Using these reports, program owners can easily segment the most relevant data and analyze it to better understand their program attributes, allocating their resources in the right places.

Affiliates registered for the CCBill Affiliate System can rest assured that when they choose to partner with a program under the CCBill umbrella, it comes ‘partner ready.’ The CCBill Affiliate System offers affiliates the capability to track conversions, sales and commission performance, all in real-time.

Benefits for Affiliates registered for the CCBill Affiliate System include:

  • Multi-processor Cascading – Thanks to powerful platform capabilities, CCBill offers affiliates every possibility to monetize their user base.  In the case where a transaction is cascaded to one of CCBill's select alternative cascading payment processors, the affiliate's referred sale is tracked and they are still paid by CCBill for that sale, even though the cascaded transaction was processed by the alternative processor.
  • No added cost service - Access to the CCBill Affiliate System is free for our merchant's and affiliate’s - CCBill does not charge any setup fee or monthly maintenance fees.
  • 24/7 affiliate support – our extensively trained Affiliate Support Team works around the clock to provide the help, whenever an affiliate needs it.

CCBill’s high quality affiliate system helps to increase the global brand awareness of products, increase traffic to participating websites and most importantly - supports the growth of sales. With no financial investment required to get started, the CCBill Affiliate System is viewed as an extremely valuable marketing tool, and a win-win solution for CCBill merchants and their affiliate partners. 


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Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is a payment services platform which provides expert support and empowerment to your expanding relationships. Whether it's through consistent on-time payouts, distinctive affiliate tools, or the comprehensive and proprietary set of automation tools, CCBill understands online business like few others, and has been offering industry-leading solutions since 1998.