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FlexChat Video Series - Get To Know FlexForms

FlexChat Video Series
Perfect Your Checkout Experience Using FlexForms 

Watch our latest videos, and learn the secrets of optimizing your checkout form to maximize revenue.
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Having control of your brand and identity are important. Reaching new markets and consumers is essential. With consumers constantly evolving, you need a set of dynamic payment tools to help you reach and keep a growing audience of global, omnipresent buyers.

To keep pace with your consumers’ habits and preferences, now is the time to join the conversation about a new evolution of payment tools that are simple to use, yet powerful enough to increase your site's buyer conversions. Payment tools should be streamlined and easily tailored to help you conserve resources with automation. They should help you maintain control of your design and processes with robust customization. Most importantly, they should be flexible, to position you for rapid scalability and business expansion. The FlexForms system does all of this, and more.

We are excited to launch our new CCBill FlexChat video series, featuring Gary Jackson, VP of Sales & Marketing, Laurie Biviano, VP of Product Marketing Strategy; Raymond Kelsey, Director of Brand Management and CCBill Sales Executive, Paul Kluzak. In this series, our team of CCBill sales, marketing and product thought leaders chat about the benefits of FlexForms, and break down how moving to the system can help you evolve with buyers, and improve your site's checkout experience, with dramatic results.

Watch our FlexChat series and learn how to take full advantage of your FlexForms. 


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Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is a payment services platform which provides expert support and empowerment to your expanding relationships. Whether it's through consistent on-time payouts, distinctive affiliate tools, or the comprehensive and proprietary set of automation tools, CCBill understands online business like few others, and has been offering industry-leading solutions since 1998.