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We’ve Known Each Other for 20 Years


Who remembers the 1990’s? The 90’s were marvelous with all the new technology that suddenly popped up. Starting with personal computers, then consoles like the N64, PS1, GameBoy, Sega GameGear (Oh that was SO awesome). Then the start of the internet as well, the joy of getting the first modem and going surfing, it felt so special back in the 90’s. The sound of the modem connecting and your eyes getting wide as you opened your world to infinite possibilities.

The true potential of the emerging technology and the internet was still just a dream - a theory waiting to be proven. Many companies that started back then didn’t stay in the game to tell the story of success today. Don’t forget cellphone technology, suddenly they became really small and affordable for everyone. In the midst of all the technology boom that took place, a family decided to start a small business with an idea to help merchants take payments online.

When it was first founded on August 5, 1998, CCBill was in beta with only a dozen people employed, and led by a family who had the same idea. There was no training department, no consumer support, just trust and ambition among a handful of like-minded individuals.

Two decades later, here we are, celebrating 20 years of success, growth and innovation. If you asked us back when if we believed in this? We would have said YES, of course. Pride aside, we can’t help but have smiles and some wrinkles on our faces, thinking of families and friends by our side that have stood by us for years.

How would we define CCBill 20 years later? It’s a mix of everything, really. Some would say a trusted payments platform, all-in-one Payments-as-a-Service provider or a software development company. We think they are all right. CCBill strives to be a part of every aspect of the Payments and Technology world. Throughout the years, the family-owned business has evolved immensely to five global locations and over three hundred employees who tirelessly provide business automation and growth support for over forty five thousand merchants and millions of their affiliates. 

The Beginning

There is a reason CCBill considers itself a family. From the very start, it was just a handful of hopeful and motivated individuals, who had a dream to turn a small internet-centric family business into something much greater, an all-in-one Payments-as-a-Service platform that now stands strong among the leading payment processors both in the mainstream and adult industry. Our CCBill family has grown tremendously over the years, but it has also grown closer. New team members from around the globe have joined the family with our growth across multiple continents and the company has excelled with this multi-cultural talent. It is with their motivation and ambition that we have come so far, but keep aiming higher.

CCBillGlobal Expansions

We have created a workplace where employees are fully respected and highly motivated for personal and professional growth. CCBill’s culture defines who we are as a team. We cherish the family values that have been the company backbone since the very beginning and combine those with modern organizational systems that will take us into the decades to come.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

U.S. teamCCBill was born in Phoenix, Arizona and was founded in 1998. As most of our merchants and affiliates know, the CCBill team has an impeccable payment record, reliable problem-solving techniques, an executive team with more than 100 years of cumulative payment processing experience, as well as phenomenal consumer support, all underscore CCBill's commitment to the markets it serves. At the same time, being located in a single facility didn't fully allow CCBill to be a global brand.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States

In order to overcome distribution challenges, CCBill invested heavily in research and implementation of a global performance network to best to satisfy the global market. This expansion started by testing and deploying a network expansion to the east coast of the U.S. The idea was to deploy what today is called a satellite network which extends some of the most critical components of CCBill. The first location was tested with great success and with the introduction of new global traffic load balance and application delivery controllers, CCBill achieved the first part of their goal. With a new location in Ashburn, Virginia, CCBill was able to load balance its processing traffic between Phoenix and Ashburn. The new technology implemented would allow for traffic to be directed to be closest location from the user which drastically improved performance. This also allowed CCBill to maintain systems and critical processing traffic in the event of outages or disruptions on the network. 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With the success of the second location. CCBill embarked in the expansion of its global footprint and expanded to our new location in The Netherlands, where we built our third satellite environment which has been serving local European consumers since. Allowing our European traffic delivery of forms, transactions and processing to be handled locally within the region, and improve the consumer experience dramatically.  Our staff in Amsterdam are key players in the success of the CCBill network, and the stability known by global buyers and merchants for a dozen years. 

Paola, Malta

MaltaLocated in the beautiful historic city of Paola, the CCBill offices on Malta were opened in 2002 to support and expand the online processing services for our European-based merchants. With the latest technologies and highly talented teams, they work hard to make a difference in the IT sector by following the highest standards in the field. Our Malta team understands the payment processing industry, and is committed to delivering innovative solutions that are fully aligned with market practices and all card compliance standards.

Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad and BelgradeCCBill opened their first Serbian office in 2014, in the city of Novi Sad in Vojvodina. By mid-2016, the local team had grown to over 40 employees. The commitment to Serbia continued in 2016, with a second office opening in Belgrade in April 2016. The CCBill Serbia teams includes many talented experts whose skills and capabilities match their global peers, allowing for collaboration across multiple countries and locations on nearly all company projects. The teams in Serbia includes software architecture, development, quality assurance, marketing and support, with the plan to expand even further in the years to come.

Our family does not just consist of our team members but of our merchants, their consumers, thousands of affiliates and all our industry and business partners. We couldn’t be more proud.

Timeline of Innovations

Over the years, we’ve brought many innovations into the market:


Recognized by our Peers in the Industry

AwardsSome of our special moments were spent with our partners and colleagues traveling around the globe and the U.S. We heard and shared the latest on new technology, innovations, and unforgettable memories during the industry’s biggest tradeshows. These have been shows in online entertainment, mainstream, online dating, games, digital, SaaS and ecommerce etc.

There is nothing quite like coming home with an award in hand that is a cherry on top for all the hard work our employees put in every day. But we couldn’t have received any of these if it wasn’t for our employees and our merchants who continue to make us strive to be the best at what we do. A quick recall:

• 16 Cybersocket Awards (Since 2004)
• 13 XBIZ Awards (Since 2003)
• 10 YNOT Awards (Since 2012)
• 3 iDate Awards (Since 2016)

As we mentioned, CCBill is nothing without the team members who have contributed over the years. These individuals and the entire CCBill team have been recognized over the years for their achievements, and we could not be more proud and humbled to have them in our family:

• XBIZ Special Memorial awarded to Frank and Joann Cadwell (2009)
• AVN Hall of Fame - Internet Founders Branch awarded to Ron Cadwell (2010)
• XBIZ Executive Leadership Award awarded to Gary Jackson (2012)
• YNOT Hall of Fame awarded to CCBill (2014)
• XBIZ Executive Awards – Business Development Executive – Paul Kluzak (2016)
• Cybersocket Wall of Fame Award of Excellence awarded to Gary Jackson (2017)
• XBIZ Award for Industry Pioneer in Web & Technology awarded to Ron Cadwell (2017)
• ASACP Service Recognition Awards- awarded to Gary Jackson (2018)
• Cybersocket Award of Excellence awarded to Kathi Stout (2018)
• Cybersocket Business Person of the Year awarded to Gary Jackson (2018)
• XBIZ Executive Awards - Senior Leadership Award – awarded to Gary Jackson (2018)

Who We Do This For 


The thousands of merchant, millions of affiliates and many millions of consumers are the driving force behind CCBill’s passion and commitment to excellence. In the words of Gary Jackson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CCBill, “We are lucky to have these unique groups of customers – and each of these segments have specific and important goals for their businesses as well as their lives. We have focused our years on building value and options for these three tiers of customers – to help them succeed, prosper and provide satisfaction regardless of which side of the screen they sit. From the 300+ features in the CCBill menu of tools, to the many Integration Partner software options to our exclusive CCBill Pay – customer happiness is the foundation of what CCBill offers.

Can You See the Future of Payments? We Can.

We believe in CCBill. We see CCBill continuing to grow, expanding product sets and introducing many new innovations. The future of CCBill is bright and exciting. New products and ways to take transactions for any business model are coming to life every day. CCBill is becoming a standard... Our global presence and respect is evolving and expanding, and we are thrilled to be providing solutions for emerging markets, and reaching new opportunities as the online world changes as quickly as it does.

We leave you with the words of our founder and CEO, Ron Cadwell “The key to our success have always been our employees, their dedication to the business, making our customers feel at home and making sure they are getting paid every week.”

We would like to thank you, our family for your business, your trust and your friendship on these past 20 years of adventure. Stay tuned as we eagerly venture into the opportunities and fun for the next 20 years.

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Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is a payment services platform which provides expert support and empowerment to your expanding relationships. Whether it's through consistent on-time payouts, distinctive affiliate tools, or the comprehensive and proprietary set of automation tools, CCBill understands online business like few others, and has been offering industry-leading solutions since 1998.

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