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Get Your Own Live Webcam Engine with Idea Factory US


The Idea Factory US platform provides production and distribution infrastructure for streaming video content in the cloud. Perfectly suited for all content rich websites worldwide, the Idea Factory US platform is offered as a pay-per-use, on demand service (SaaS).

Our platform allows content producers and independent artists to integrate in a unique service. Since 2012, the Idea Factory US platform has served more than 10.000 models, working from their homes and studios around the world. To provide the best service, we distribute our content from nodes in the USA, Canada, several European countries and LATAM.

As a CCBill Integration Partner, we offer merchants processing with CCBill innovative ways to enrich their products and enhance traffic on their websites. Imagine a real-time, integrated service, where you can buy and sell webcam minutes, that comes with a customer forum for the exchange of ready to use content that is available to all global cam websites, content producers, affiliates and developers.

The Idea Factory US platform allows you to base the engine of your business in the cloud, so you are free to focus on other aspects of your business, such as maintaining contact with producers, signing up more webcam models, maintaining the quality of model broadcasts, etc. With Idea Factory US, you control everything through our simple platform.

All of this is available for a fixed cost per minute, sold through your websites and your affiliates.

Our success directly benefits all members of the Platform, our suppliers, the artists working with us, and the end user. It is thanks to the Platform, that we are able to offer payments of up to 30% more per minute, than similar providers.

Our service benefits include:

Reduced Costs - by integrating the engine of your business in the cloud with our solution, you use a single provider and are part of a true marketplace of webcam content.

Unlimited Websites and Affiliates - add as many of your own websites as desired. Maintain and create new affiliates and sub-affiliates to sell your content.

Integrated Billing Services - we provide the members of our Platform with the number one billing services integration provided by CCBill. You will have full control over each transaction.

You Choose the Content - shared management of exclusive content, full transparency and artist's studios (studios and performers), quality content on pay-per-use mode, and more!

You Own Your Customer Base - add new customers and increase your current customer base loyalty; each user of each of your sites is yours. Your customers are never shared with the Platform. Do not move your customers to anyone!

Submitted by Idea Factory US, a CCBill Integration Partner with almost 20 years of experience in webcam, internet business and technology, dedicated to maintaining and developing an open platform for the production and distribution of webcam and streaming of European and Latino content, around the world.

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Idea Factory US

We are a multidisciplinary team with almost 20 years of experience in webcam and internet business and technology. We are dedicated to maintaining and developing an open platform for production and distribution of unique content around the world.